Building More Family Homes / Adeiladau Mwy o Gartrefi Teuluol

For years David has been campaigning for a significant increase in house-building in Wales. There is a particular need for more family homes that are affordable to people in their 30's and 40's.

To help alleviate the current housing crisis, David is calling for more innovative forms of house building which will result in homes with a modern design and at an affordable price.

David is also leading a Welsh Conservative campaign to combat homelessness through initiatives such as the Housing First scheme.


Upfront letting fees to be banned in Wales by this autumn

The Senedd (Welsh Parliament) passed the Rental Fees Bill earlier this week which will ban a number of upfront letting fees and gives the Welsh Government the power to regulate certain other fees like holding deposits.

AM writes for the Western Mail

Wales is in the midst of a housing crisis.


Whilst you’re unlikely to find many who disagree with that statement, there is a great deal of debate over what should be done about it.


Welsh Conservatives pledge to double number of new houses

The Welsh Conservatives have pledged to double the number of new homes built every year if they are in power after the next assembly election.

Around 6,000 homes were built in the 12 months to last June, down 19 per cent on the year before.