The arts sector “needs reassurance and clarity”

David Melding MS: The arts sector “needs reassurance and clarity”


Commenting on the lack of clarity on what support the Welsh Government will be giving to the arts sector in Wales, the Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Culture, and Communications David Melding, MS said:

 “Three weeks ago, the arts sector in Wales was desperately calling for immediate help and support to ensure it could survive the impact of the pandemic.

 “As a consequence of the UK Government’s support for the arts in England £59 million is available to the Welsh Government. We need to ensure that all of this extra funding is spent to support the arts and creative industries. The sector needs reassurance and clarity from the Welsh Government today.

 “The arts don’t just provide entertainment for millions but help at a grassroots level with mental health and isolation – two important issues that the Welsh Government need to address, which have been of concern during Covid-19.”