Assembly to vote on ban of plastic microbeads in cosmetics

Plastic microbeads will be banned from bathroom products such as shower gel and toothpaste in Wales if Assembly Members – as expected – back the ban in a vote this afternoon. 

If passed by a majority of AMs, the ban would take effect on the 30th June, and make the sale of so-called ‘rinse-off’ personal care products illegal.

Similar bans have already been passed in England and Scotland, and come into force today.

Speaking ahead of the vote, Shadow Environment Secretary – David Melding – said:

“This is a significant step if we are going to put an end to the plastic problem that is choking our seas and scourging our environment, and so I am very supportive of the Welsh Government’s move to ban microbeads.

“We know that thousands of tonnes of microbeads end up in our seas every year, harming wildlife and then being passed on to humans along the food chain. But this is just one issue among many causing the crisis in plastic pollution.

“We should now act upon this momentum and look towards piloting a ban on other single-use plastics in Wales, taking control of this issue and showing leadership for other countries to follow.

“We lead on recycling so why can’t we lead on the responsible use of plastic and the banning of single-use plastics? Let’s build on today’s announcement, and make Wales the greenest country in the UK”.