From salad days to the Senedd

"From salad days to the Senedd" is a blog article David wrote for Gwydir (The Cardiff University Conservative Society Blog), starting with his time at Cardiff University. It was published on the on 29th June 2020.



The Last of the Unionists

Forget Brexit means Brexit! Brexit needs compromise. The country has to be brought back together. So tomorrow I launch #TheLastoftheUnionists - a daily commentary on our constitutional crisis up until October 31st.

Unionism and Nationalism in Welsh Political Life'

David Melding AM will launch his work ‘Unionism and Nationalism in Welsh Political Life’ at the Hay Festival on Monday 27th May 2019. Mr Melding will be part of a panel organised by the Institute of Welsh Affairs to mark 20 years of devolution to Wales.


What Wales needs next

Wales needs a new political consensus between the parties in the Assembly to tackle a housing crisis that has gone on for too long, says David Melding AM 

Writing in the Welsh Housing Quarterly - April 2019 Edition


Why is Cardiff so unloved by us Welsh?

Why is Cardiff so unloved? Not that such ambivalence to capital cities is uncommon. For years Dublin was seen as English by many republicans and it was not until the 1970’s that the city’s magnificent Georgian architecture received a level of protection.