David Melding AM receives CBE

David Melding, the Welsh Conservative Assembly Member for South Wales Central, has today received a CBE after being named in the New Years Honours list.


Writing on twitter, Mr Melding said "A lovely day with those who mean most to me and have done so much to support my political career. This is me receiving my CBE last week; Prince Charles knows a lot about the Assembly and said he hoped this award would give me encouragement. And so it will!".


Before his election to the National Assembly, Mr Melding was a member of the Conservative Research Department, manager of the Carers National Association in Wales and a former deputy director of the Welsh Centre for International Affairs.


He has campaigned for the Welsh Conservative Party for three decades having also stood in the 1997 General Election in Cardiff Central.


During his time at the Assembly, David has held many roles, including as the Welsh Conservatives' director of policy, responsible for producing the Welsh election manifestos in 2003, 2007 and 2011.


His contribution to politics has also extended to the foundation of the Welsh Think Tank, Gorwel.