David Melding AM responds to damning report on Welsh Government’s grant plans

Welsh Conservatives have responded to news that ten organisations in Wales have warned that ministers' funding plans to tackle homelessness could jeopardise support for vulnerable people.

AMs are set to decide the fate of the current homelessness and housing programmes in the autumn, with fears they will have to compete for funding.

Housing and homelessness charities are worried that assistance for more than 60,000 people could be at risk.

The 10 organisations behind the report are Cymorth Cymru, Community Housing Cymru, Welsh Women's Aid, Rough Sleepers Cymru, Shelter Cymru, Tai Pawb, EROSH South Wales, CIH Cymru, Housing Justice Cymru and the founding members of End Youth Homelessness Cymru.

Responding to the report, David Melding – the Welsh Conservative spokesperson for Housing – said:

“Today’s report is another insightful criticism of the Welsh Government’s proposals to merge and dilute Government funding for homelessness and housing programmes in Wales.

“The report is clear that the current funding plans present a considerable risk to the support that is available for vulnerable people, and so far the Welsh Government have failed to provide the sector with a credible or encouraging response.

“The Public Accounts Committee report on the Supporting People programme raises some serious questions about the purpose behind these proposals, and I too have serious reservations about the way the plans were developed and announced.

“The key question is whether this amalgamation represents the best fit to achieve its objectives without risking a negative impact on the provision of housing related support and homelessness prevention in Wales.

“The Welsh Conservatives don’t think it does, the public accounts committee don’t think it does, and the sector clearly doesn’t think so. The Welsh Government has a lot of concerns to answer”.