The Last of the Unionists

Forget Brexit means Brexit! Brexit needs compromise. The country has to be brought back together. So tomorrow I launch #TheLastoftheUnionists - a daily commentary on our constitutional crisis up until October 31st.


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Day 1: Not since 1914 has the tide of English nationalism in the Conservative Party been in fuller flow than it is today. 22.42 KB
Day 1a: Whoever really thought that the British constitution has only been shaped by slow evolutionary change? 21.33 KB
Day 2: All of a government’s authority rests on the confidence of Parliament. 21.48 KB
Day 2a: Nothing is further from vassalage than privilege 18.82 KB
Day 3: Some claim that Boris Johnson has a Churchill complex 19 KB
Day 4: No Union can survive unless it can bargain and adapt 18.91 KB
Day 5: Brexit may not in the end enter deep time, but its results will span the generations 18.86 KB
Day 6: English nationalism is potentially so dangerous to the Union is because it has the force to extinguish Britishness 18.87 KB
Day 7: Boris Johnson may well win a majority in Parliament and the SNP secure every seat in Scotland 21.34 KB
Day 7a: A great party split. Trade policy dividing the country. A National Government in the offing. 21.25 KB
Day 8: There is the hope of a new flourishing of Britishness 18.99 KB
Day 9: Liberal Conservatives are deserting the Party because of its hard interpretation of Brexit 21.57 KB
Day 10: Brexit will test the Union in the most intense way since the Irish crisis 18.97 KB
Day 11: Those who condemn professional journalism are poisoning the soil on which a democratic culture must be nurtured 19.11 KB
Day 12: Translating to modern language, Burke saw zealots gripped by a psychological process not a political one 19.02 KB
Day 13: It was the brilliant Brexit slogan Take back control that captured the heart of the Conservative Party 19.01 KB
Day 14: How has Britain beem reduced to such a pitiful state? 21.41 KB
Day 15: Much has been written about about the lack of statecraft in conducting the 2016 Referendum 21.34 KB
Day 16: I think the Supreme Court will rule that prorogation was lawful. 21.43 KB
Day 17: He wants to create a new party or at least change it from a broad church into one fervent for Brexit. British Gaullists? 18.95 KB
Day 18: The history of modern Europe is the history of Poland only a little more so’. 18.97 KB
Day 19: Being a politician not a priest I do fear it is the Devil’s Dictionary that’s of more use. 19.12 KB
Day 20: A second referendum would not be a compromise to clarify the Brexit imbroglio. 18.9 KB
Day 21: Curious how Wales became independent 21.63 KB
Day 22: Perhaps what we are seeing in Brexit is the spirit of the English nation searching for statehood. 19.07 KB
Day 23: History is in the making. 19.29 KB
Day 24: Is a Brexit deal finally in sight? 18.96 KB
Day 25: Political memoirs are generally a miserable genre 19.33 KB
Day 26: We are the European Party in the British Parliament and among the British people 538.25 KB
Day 27: Grumble and stay put was always a thin rallying cry 563.35 KB
Day 28: Boris busted his royal flush 21.47 KB
Day 29: Yesterday we needed a PM with a generous heart and the courage to reach out and unify 21.29 KB
Day 30: Should the PM secure a deal then all the pressure suddenly falls on Parliament 21.49 KB
Day 31: Will Brexit stimulate some verse? 19.48 KB
Day 32: To me, Brexit has always seemed stronger as a case than a cause 19.24 KB
Day 33: Austerity accelerated Euroscepticism and so we need a careful examination of fiscal policy since the financial crisis 19.21 KB
Day 34: The House of Lords should gain an absolute veto on constitutional changes that seek to alter the federal bargain 19.21 KB
Day 35: Will Scotland and Wales loosen the political bonds of Britishness? 19.24 KB
Day 36: An unusual feature of modern British unionism is its acceptance of secession 19.47 KB
Day 37: European Unionism has exerted a strong pull on Celtic nationalism 19.33 KB
Day 38: What will happen to the UK after Brexit? 22.01 KB
Day 39: Driving Liberals out of the Conservative Party will be at the cost of constructing a new identity of Brexit-nationalism 21.88 KB
Day 40: Today’s Irish conundrum has only one sure solution 21.9 KB
Day 41: No deal is the ultimate bad deal. Wake up and lead Boris! 21.32 KB
Day 42: As a national forum to find unity and compromise, Parliament has not had its finest hour 21.46 KB
Day 43: The film that best captures the mood of Brexit is ‘Passport to Pimlico’ 21.59 KB
Day 44: Up to half of the Scottish people think that an independent Scotland is the best option for their national flourishing 21.87 KB
Day 45: As champions of an international rules based order, the English speaking world is slowly quitting the stage 21.89 KB
Day 46 - It is a mistake to see federalism as characterised by radical decentralisation 21.58 KB
Day 47 - We must surely ask whether Britain can survive unless it attracts a good measure of emotional attachment? 21.63 KB
Day 48 - So we have a deal 21.59 KB
Day 49 - We seem on course for the full Boris: Beef Wellington and Guinness 21.33 KB
Day 50 - Second votes are forbidden in Parliament for good reason 21.67 KB
Day 51 - The battle of Brexit is nearly over but the Battle for Britain is about to begin 21.73 KB
Day 52 - What odds on the first December General Election since 1923? 21.83 KB