‘Litter is a problem for everyone’, says David Melding AM

Volunteers in Cardiff have today said that pollution in Cardiff’s rivers have reached ‘tipping point’, as they are dealing with a never ending clean-up of litter.

According to a news report by BBC Wales, one volunteer described seeing a swan's nest made of plastic bottles, while another said at one point the River Taff was a "sea of plastic".


 In response to the news report, David Melding AM - the Shadow Secretary for the Environment - has said that the findings are “shocking but unsurprising”.


The South Wales Central AM said:


“Whilst these types of findings are always difficult to hear, it is no surprise to anyone that we have an infestation of litter pollution in Wales.


“And this isn’t restricted to Cardiff – you would find the same issue in Newport, Swansea or Wrexham.

“I regularly walk along the barrage, and it is apparent that Cardiff Bay is too often clogged with litter that has floated down the Taff.


“This is not the condition that our natural resources should be in, and that’s why - last month - we in the Welsh Conservatives announced innovative measures to end the blight of litter pollution in our urban areas.


“These included a proposal to introduce a city-wide single use plastics ban in Wales, and to introduce an Urban Litter Prevention Grant which would allow local authorities to bid for funding to trial cutting edge litter prevention schemes, such as river traps, litter cameras and schemes to prevent litter from ‘night-time economy’.


 “Local authorities are unsurprisingly struggling to cope with this large scale problem, and so the Welsh Government need to offer some assistance and oversight if we are going to win this war on litter and plastic pollution”.