“Mark devolution anniversary with cross party strategy”, says Welsh Conservative AM

A Welsh Conservative Assembly Member has called for an anniversary inspired cross party strategy to help fix Wales’ housing crisis.

David Melding AM – the Shadow Minister for Housing – called on the Welsh Government to lead the cross party discussions, and said that the 20th Anniversary of Welsh Devolution was the “perfect opportunity” to start them.

Mr Melding made the call during spokespersons questions in the National Assembly for Wales. Earlier this year, the Welsh Conservative AM led a debate that called on the Welsh Government to do more to alleviate Wales’ housing crisis. That debate followed the release of the Welsh Conservative’s Housing Strategy, Housing a Nation, which set a target of building 12,000 each year during the next assembly term, and 100,000 homes over a decade.

The first-ever Assembly Election was held on May 6, 1999, with the Assembly officially opened by the Queen later the same month. This summer a series of events celebrating the 20th anniversary of the landmark will be held.

Speaking outside the Assembly Chamber, the South Wales Central AM said:

 "For the sake of the generations of aspiring homeowners and tenants who can’t get on the housing ladder, we as politicians need to set aside our political differences to develop a strategy that ends this housing crisis.

“I’ve formally made the first move, and the Minister’s response was extremely welcoming so there’s not much left to do other than to get on with the job. What better time would there be to make this extraordinary and unprecedented step than in the year that marks 20 years of Welsh devolution.

“The scale and depth of the housing crisis warrants such a change; the call is for Welsh politicians to get together and make this happen”.