Members back dementia charity’s awareness week

Shadow Ministers Janet Finch-Saunders and David Melding have pledged their support for Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends scheme.

Marking Dementia Awareness week (20th to 26th May), the Welsh Conservative Assembly Members joined a cross-party group of AMs and representatives from the charity, to draw attention to the national scheme and encourage others to take on the specialised training.

There are currently around 42,000 people across Wales living with dementia, but Dementia Friends training helps participants learn about the disease in order for them to help people in their community. It could be through understanding and visiting those suffering from the condition, being more patient in a shop or queue, or sharing what they have learned with others.

A Dementia Friend herself, Mrs Finch-Saunders is pictured wearing her Friend badge, a handy point of reference for those seeking help in everyday life. Commenting on the scheme, she said:

“The dementia scheme training is informative, easy to fit in, and has been a great way of helping me assist people in my community.

“More Friends are needed to help people across Wales, so if you have time to take part in the short training, please do it. It could make all the difference to someone in need.”

Assembly Member for South Wales Central, David Melding, also pictured, attended the event as part of his journey to becoming a Dementia Friend. He said:

“I’m keen to take part in Dementia Friends training, and learn more about how we can help people suffering with this terrible disease.

“If everyone could learn to recognise the symptoms of dementia, and simple ways to make life easier for those suffering, it would go some way to helping the thousands struggling across Wales.”