New Deal With Industry To Secure UK Civil Nuclear Future and Drive Down Cost Of Energy for Customers

An ambitious deal with the nuclear sector to ensure that nuclear energy continues to power the UK for years to come was announced today by the Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark as part of the modern Industrial Strategy.

Specifically for Wales, the deal will provide £40 million to develop a thermal hydraulics facility in North Wales as part of the Nuclear Innovation Programme.

Responding to the announcement, David Melding AM – the Shadow Secretary for the Environment – said:

“This is a fantastic announcement for North Wales, the energy sector and for the UK as a whole.

“It is so important that we start developing a range of low carbon energy sources and nuclear energy is a going to play a vital part role in that diverse energy toolbox.

“The commitment to develop a £40 million thermal hydraulics facility in North Wales will increase jobs, drive prosperity and put Wales at the forefront when it comes to nuclear technology.

“Innovation is going to be crucial for the durability of greener energy reliance, and there’s no better home for this development than North Wales with its advanced manufacturing techniques.

“Whilst the tidal lagoon decision was disappointing, we need to focus on the other opportunities to build a low carbon economy in Wales, and I am glad to see that the UK Government are still spearheading that growth”.