All of our policy proposals have been put forward as white papers, meaning that we want your feedback. The best policies are made through constructive engagement with the sector.

Please send your response to: David.Melding@assembly.wales / Jack.Sellers@assembly.wales.



The Welsh Conservative Party and the Welsh Conservative Group in the Assembly have brought forward a number of innovative and detailed policies. 


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Strategy for Urban Renewal - 'Liveable Cities' 1.19 MB
Strategy for Urban Renewal - 'Liveable Cities' 1.19 MB
Housing a Nation 1.21 MB
Cartrefu Cenedl 1.23 MB
More than a Refuge - Tackling Wales Homelessness Crisis 6 MB
Myw Na Lloches Yn Unig Mynd Ir Afael Ag Argyfwng Disgartrefedd Cymru 5.97 MB